Matthew David Parker Contribution To Photography And Salsa

Those people who don’t know about Matthew David Parker, well he is a professional photographer who is based outside Las Vegas and takes photographs of various things such as eye catching architecture of Las Vegas and many other things. David was born in New York and spent his childhood in the streets of New York. Matthew always had an interest in photography since his childhood. He has taken many photographs of the entire city of New York and Las Vegas which has made him earn the reputation as well as recognition among several other professional photographers.

His life as a photographer: Since he started his career as a professional photographer, he was always attracted towards Las Vegas as it has a lot to offer to everyone. He has done photography on the streets of Las Vegas and around the strip as both of these locations are very popular according to photography. You can see many kinds of people as well as emotions all around the Las Vegas strip. He has also done photography for the weddings and for many other similar projects. He is also a very good architectural photographer as he has captured some of the most attractive photographs of the sky scrapers located in New York City.

His life as a salsa dancer: Mr. Parker has a degree in Bachelors of Fine Arts from Louisiana State University in 2009. After completing his graduation he has started to learn Sensual Latin Dance known as Salsa and soon after in 2010, he has opened his professional dance studio named Lafayette Salsa Dance Studio. He has become the instructor there for those people who would like to learn professional Salsa. After opening his salsa studio, he has gained a lot of appreciation from all over the world. Now, he is planning to expand his studio and hire some more staff which can run more salsa classes.