Outstanding Achievements Of Mark Hurd

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "mark hurd"Mark Hurd the Oracle CEO was born on 1 January 1957 in Manhattan, New York. He joined Oracle in 2010 and became the Co-CEO of the company. He is also a member of Company’s Board of Directors. This is the third time in a row when Mark has been appointed as the CEO of the company. Some of the achievements made by Mark are mentioned below.

  • Mark has earned a school scholarship in Tennis as he was always interested towards this game. He has used the scholarship to pay for his college education. He has a degree in bachelors of business administration from Baylor University. Now, he is one of the members of board of regents in the University.
  • After completing his graduation, Mark started his career by working as a sales person for NCR Corporation in 1980. He served the company for 25 years and then he joined HP in 2005 as the CEO of the company. In 2010, he had to resign from HP due to a sexual harassment case filed against him by the female contractor of HP. After resigning from HP, Oracle grabbed the opportunity and hired Mark as the Co-CEO of the company.
  • Mark Hurd is a great person in himself and has lots of followers on YouTube and on various other social media sites. There are thousands of videos that are uploaded on YouTube and each video has over a million views. Anyone can easily determine how many followers Mark has.
  • Mark has also received much recognition from many different organizations as well as from many business magazines. In 2007, Mark was listed in the Fortune Magazine’s 25 most powerful people in business. In 2009, Forbes magazine has also listed Mark as one of the Best Market Managers in the world.