Should You Be Concerned Of Carrageenan?

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "Carrageenan"You may not have heard of carrageenan before or, on the contrary, you may have stumbled across this ingredient in numerous food products you purchased throughout the time. Typically, carrageenan represents a food ingredient derived from seaweed and types of red algae and is used as a vegan alternative in multiple food products. However, despite the quite unusual name, the carrageenan is actually an ingredient widely found throughout the food industry, even in the natural and organic products.

Is it healthy to use?


Being a food additive, it means that the carrageenan doesn’t have any nutritious values per se. In other words, no calories, but no nutrients either so they are basically empty foods. But that is ok, because they are not exactly foods, but mainly food additives or something that is usually added to food products to enhance their taste, colors or properties. But is it really safe to use?


You might have heard of potential harmful effects of carrageenan in different magazines but this food additive is actually quite spread for centuries. Moreover, little investigation has been made in order to determine the potential harmful or benefic effects of using carrageenan in your daily alimentation, so there shouldn’t be any concern in that matter. The United States FDA agrees on the fact that this ingredient is safe to use should you had further doubts.


Although further researches are yet to be done in this field, from the information we have until this certain point there is no fear regarding the use of carrageen in daily diet. Furthermore, some studies may even indicate positive side effects with the consumption of this food additive, although, again, further researches are yet to be conducted.


All in all carrageen may seem potentially harmful and although we acknowledge it has its fair share of bad publicity, you can still consume food products that contain this additive totally safe and without worrying.