Teen Texting And Dangers Associated With It

Sexting refers to sending of sexual content over internet. It refers to the exchange of sexual data like sexual texts, images or videos between the romantic partners usually through their cell phones. It is estimated that sexting is usually practiced by the teenagers. The middle school or high school girls who are involved in sexting are called sexting girls. These girls often practice sexting in order to become famous unaware of the dangerous consequences that it may result into.

Causes of Sexting

  • Curiosity: teenagers and middle school girls are very curious about sex and related topics. Out of their curiosity, they get involved in relationships with usually their male seniors and send nude pictures and videos to them over internet. They are very curious to receive sexual compliments from their boyfriends, which lead them to sexting.
  • Pressure: the other reason for sexting can be pressure. Some girls may not be willing to send nude pictures and videos to their peers, but are pressurized to so by them. The boys emotionally blackmail their female peers to send them nudes via internet. Other girls send their nude pictures to their boyfriends in order to compete with their friends who are doing so.

Consequences of Sexting

  • Emotional: the emotional consequences of sexting may be bullying of individuals whose sexual photos are leaked and they are often blackmailed to further involve in sexual matters. They have to face huge embarrassments and often feel ashamed of themselves. This further leads to depression in the teens and emotional disturbances. They often try to commit practices of suicide in order to get rid of all this.
  • Legal: various laws and legal rules have been set up regarding teenage issues like sexting. It is illegal to force someone to send nude pictures and to get involved sexually. They often have to face legal punishments when caught in sexting.