The Compensation Plans and Their Facilities for Online Earnings

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "Make Money Online"In order to sale, you have to reach the same level that you are selling if you want to get the commission. If you don’t reach that level, your earnings go to your sponsor. If you choose to buy or sell products in the same time, you have the possibility to receive discounts and bulk pricing options. The Digital Altitude Comp Plan is really based on the knowledge you achieve while you learn the information you need for your future online business. If you choose these learning programs, you can also make money from them, not only use what you have learned to reach your own already thought goals.


How Does the Commission Thing Work?


If you decide that you want to join the compensation plan, you need to pay an affiliate fee of $17 per month, that is non-commissionable. The compensation plan works on referrals. Once a person referred by you gets into the learning program, you will earn commissions based on the products he or she buys, but only if you have bought them already.


Here is an example: when you refer a person, you have already bought Base and Rise programs and you have reached the Aspire Climber level. The person you convinced to join wants to buy all the programs and you think you can buy them too to earn each commission, but here is the thing. Once the person joins, you will earn commissions only for the programs you had at the time, not for what you buy after. So you will earn money only for the Base and Rise programs and the Ascend, Peak and Apex commissions will go to the sponsor. This is called the Sponsor Lock. You still have the chance to earn a 3% commision from all sales if you simply pay the affiliate fee.