At CookEaze, we help chefs tell their stories, and get the gigs they deserve: private events, cooking classes, catering, meal prep, and more.
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We are still ramping up, and we are looking for local chefs who will become our first official partners. Submit the questionaire below to learn more about our services and the ways in which we can elevate your culinary talents.
1. Where do you cook? Do you have access to a kitchen outside of your home?
2. How long have you been cooking? How long professionally?
3. Do you have restaurant experience? What was the name of the restaurant?
4. Have you ever worked in fine dining?
5. Do you have any catering experience?
6. How do you procure ingredients when you cook?
7. Do you have social media accounts?
8. What tools do you use to book gigs? What do you like about these tools? What do you dislike, and why?
9. How can new customers find you?
10. What are your goals?
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